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eForum de Directivos

February 20 and 21 2020

Cuernavaca, Morelos

eForum de directivos México

The place where e-commerce market decisions are made

EFORUM is the leading event in the discussions of e-commerce and digital marketing managers, as a learning formula for decision making in a constantly changing environment.

The selection of the most innovative solutions on the national scene, promotes that in the first level One to One meetings, participants can start business in an easy and relaxed way.


In addition, the directors will have different spaces for networking such as coffee-breaks, cocktails, wine tasting, dinner and awards and farewell lunch. The relaxed atmosphere and the reduced number of managers are the key to the success of the eForum.


eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019
eForum Cuernavaca 2019


During the two days of the event, dozens of One to One meetings will be held. Each manager will select the themes and suppliers that best suit his company such as Logistics, Payment Methods, Software, Web Design, Marketing, new platforms ...


A maximum of 60 ecommerce and 15 solutions (only 3 companies per activity area) may participate.



During the second day of the event, four parallel workshops will be held to which both, eCommerce and sponsoring companies, can attend.


Throughout the first day, eCommerce managers will participate exclusively in discussions related to the trends of the sector and the main metrics of the moment, sharing opinions and points of view between them.


Dematic eForum Cuernavaca
tacit Knowledge
Doppler eForum México
Stibo Systems
Magento Ecommerce


La Europea
Prada eForum Cuernavaca
Farmacia San Pablo eForum Cuernavaca
Sams Nite eForum Cuernavaca
Best Buy eForum Cuernavaca
Levis eForum Cuernavaca
Linio eForum Cuernavaca
Nike eForum Cuernavaca
GNC Eforum Cuernavaca
COMEX eForum cuernavaca
Gandhi eForum Cuernavaca
Vicky Form eForum Cuernavaca
Grupo Piagui eForum Cuernavaca
Almacenes Anforma eForum Cuernavaca
Grupo Posadas eForum Cuernavaca
eForum Cuernavaca Sears
Construrama eForum Cuernavaca
Chedraui eForum Cuernavaca
Grupo RUZ eForum Cuernavaca
Sanborns eForum Cuernavaca
Elektra eforum Cuernavaca
Distroller eForum Cuernavaca
Antera eForum Cuernavaca
Kipling eForum Cuernavaca
Adobe eForum Cuernacava
OGGI Jeans eForum Cuernavaca
Grupo Martí eForum Cuernavaca

Fiesta Americana Hacienda San Antonio

Esta hermosa hacienda se encuentra en Xochitepec, a sólo 15 minutos de Cuernavaca.
La arquitectura colonial, los siete exuberantes jardines y los detalles que embellecen el hotel dan realce al placentero viaje al pasado que aquí se vive disfrutando de las comodidades del presente.

eForum 2020
eForum 2020
eForum 2020


1 eForum is the e-commerce Forum of Mexico where only a small number of solutions can participate and in which the main online stores meet in order to make joint decisions, improve their strategies and learn first-hand the latest solutions digital of the leading suppliers.

Personalized appointment calendar “1 to 1”

Participate in one-on-one meetings with the leaders that interest you most and in a relaxed and unhurried environment. Thanks to one of the best correspondence software, we make your personalized appointments according to your interests and with the best experts in the field.

Meetings only with decision makers

Thanks to the union between the eShow, e-commerce fair, with an international presence and 6 editions helded in Mexico and the eLeaders Club, eForum selects the main decision makers of Mexico's digital businesses with more than 5 million revenues.

Difference in competition: eForum is an exclusive event only for a small group of sponsors – companies Gain better visibility and access to the decision makers of the most important online stores / retailers in the e-commerce market in Mexico.

Quality networks

You can network with the 60 managers during breakfast, lunch, gala dinner and networking times.

Discounts on eShow

Exclusive discount to participate in eShow as an exhibitor, keynote, or sponsor. Free difusion of your company's press releases throughout the year in the eMag magazine with more than 100,000 readers per year in eMag.

7Branding during the event (roll ups, credentials, agenda).

eForo Directivos

eForum de Directivos

eForum Directivos
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